Simply, it’s gigs you can take your kids to.

It’s proper gigs, for grown ups who have kids that want to go see proper music.


It’s rubbish when you become a parent that it’s almost impossible to go see live music anymore.

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore, or listen to live music in a live music venue.
Unfortunately no one thought to make that possible. Until now.

Why shouldn’t parents get to go to gigs without having to book a babysitter six months in advance?
Who's regimented enough to know what they are doing in six months time?


You’re a cool, sound parent that wants to immerse your kid in culture from day zero, that's why and because why not? Gigs are awesome. 

If you can remove the worry about getting them home on the last train or someone crowd surfing onto their head at a regular gig then everyone’s a winner.

And also, think how cool it will be to tell them that they went to see INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE BAND when they were six months old?


Great iconic music venues, just like any other gig.


The event will run for around 3 hours. There will be time at the start to grab a drink (kids) and get your face painted (adults) before the band play. 

After the show all the minors can run around like mad while all the majors peruse the merch and queue for band autographs!


Maybe? If you’re lame.


If it’s your kids birthday, then sure, unofficially. But no, this isn’t jelly and ice cream. It’s a gig, with proper bands playing proper music that your kids can come to.


A chance to introduce the next generation of music fans to a real gig at an early age and give you, the cool parent,  auntie, uncle or super cool grandparent the opportunity to see some of your favourite artists alongside a child on a sugar high!


Don't worry, we'll be loud enough for you to have fun but not loud enough to go bustin' any little eardrums, because legally no one wants that to be happening. 

(we do recommend you bring ear defenders though)


That's the spirit. Grab some tickets HERE.